Knowledge is power



James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

God has a desire to teach you all the things necessary to get you to the places He has destined for you.  You must allow yourself to be open to learning from whomever He chooses. God uses who HE wants to use. I mean after all if you’re screaming God I trust you then you should be open to anyone right?! That includes someone who you aren’t too fond of, someone younger, and maybe someone you feel who is inferior in education. When God calls someone He does the equipping and preparation. They may not look or sound like what you had in mind but God makes it all work together for the good. Nobody is perfect and we have all fallen short at some point yet God still uses us! Once you grab hold of that concept you can begin to move forward in what God has for you.

1 John 4:1

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

It’s very important to be discerning in all things. Being in constant contact with God will allow you to feel His authenticity. So you will be able to recognize what may be counterfeit. In today’s society there are many different things working against what God has planned. You must spend time in God’s presence to get to know Him on a deeper level. Creating a deeper bond with God will open up countless opportunities to experience his greatness day by day. It will also cancel out voices of confusion, uncertainty, and fear. You will begin to really step into what God has for you.

The enemy does not want you to reach your potential. So any chance to make you second guess your purpose he will take. Having knowledge of what your purpose is will help you reach it. Knowing that you are working toward the goal and enhancing the kingdom is an incredible feeling. I want everyone to go to heaven! Hell is very real and is forever so I do not wish that upon anyone at all. Do not let fear of not knowing stop you from what God has for you. The holy spirit will provide wisdom to you. Find time to read your word really dig in and divide it so that you understand what it says and means. Get a study buddy and work together so that you can hold each other accountable. You must get into the habit of studying outside of church. If you run into scripture you do not understand highlight and bookmark it and ask one of your leaders to help you understand. You can also pray and ask God for revelation on the scripture. There are so many ways to enhance your knowledge find the best one for you!

“The truth you know will set you free”


Full Tech Install

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Many times we doubt God more than we think. Saying “I’m giving it to God” but yet still worrying. However we put ALL our trust in worldly situations! We order things off-line while doing shopping, we make plans to meet people, and we fully trust that the plans that person or business set out are going through! We sit back, get excited, and just can’t wait! It doesn’t even cross our minds that the person won’t come through or the business plan will fail. Working with imperfect people in an imperfect world warrants disappointment yet we hold them to such high standards.

Then when it comes to God and His promises, we know He is able yet we want visible proof of things and what is to come in our lives. In that very moment we may get excited but right after its immediate worry. How can God do what He needs to in your life if you wont allow Him to do what He needs to. You can’t give Him your problems, and then like a child check up on him. He is the GOD OF ALL THINGS. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for Him. He’s been doing GREAT things since the beginning of time.

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We live in a time where miracles are so flabbergasting however that’s because our faith is so weak. We know God is fully capable and able to do more than what we could ever ask for or think right!? Miracles shouldn’t surprise us as Christians.

Many will think that’s not me i don’t doubt God all the time. I mean its hard to believe something that isn’t tangible or visible.What if I told you that you won employee of the month and that gets you a brand new 50″ plasma TV! The tech is coming on Sunday and all you need to do is be available. Would you accept? Sure why not who doesn’t want a free TV.

So you need your brand new 50″ plasma screen TV and  HD DVR installed. You have a technician scheduled, and you’re anxiously waiting. You take a day off work to make yourself available so that you can let him in. He is scheduled to fix and install everything necessary to get your TV working. In your head you can already see it finished and you can imagine yourself hosting parties. You’re so excited you bragged to all your friends got them excited too. Made future plans. You’re so sure after he leaves you’re all set. Finally the tech is here, you almost run and open the door exposing your house and giving him control to do his job. You ask if there is anything he needs your help with. You sit back and sip lemonade as he cuts wires and drills holes in your wall. You see all the equipment and you have no idea how it will all work but you are trusting that he got the job because he is capable.

Now here’s another scenario. God has promised that this is your year! Your year of prosperity, success and advancement! Great news right? I mean its about time. You’ve been waiting its been such a struggle. He says let me in so i can prepare you…. He’s at your door. Knocking and patiently waiting to be let in. He’s sent all types of notices, emails, texts, and mail about how He wants to come in and enhance you. All of it sounds great its exactly what you need. You have this void that isn’t filled and you have been desperately searching on how and what to fill it with. God says “I will fill you up let me in”. You’re hesitant about letting him in. Something always comes up. Your work schedule leaves you limited time to do what you want concerning reading and praying. You’re not ready to open the door to let him in. You are unsure that the work He may do in you will be exactly what you need. You aren’t quite able to imagine how your life will be after he is finished with you. Maybe you aren’t ready to be changed?

Then finally you say i’m out of options, you open the door. You give God access. You expect immediate results, it begins to take longer than YOU planned. You begin to ask am I ever going to be prosperous? Where is my advancement i feel like I am at a standstill? I am no closer to success than i was before! You never ask or offer what can I do to help God? God STILL doesn’t cut you off. He waits patiently for you to come to him on your own. God doesn’t need us but he wants us. Unlike any other friend, family member or acquaintances you may encounter he sticks to you. He doesn’t leave despite the neglect we show.

Now in comparison to the technician who came to install your television who cares nothing about your eternal future. God cares and knows His plan for your life. So trusting that He will lead you in that direction is key. Allow Him install the things in you needed for your success and watch how you soar. Never forget God is working on His time and He is an on time God. It may take longer than you think but trust that it’s worth it.

Trust in the Lord today. 💕



Matthew 19:26

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

Pray during your struggles and pray as you get blessed. When all is well pray a prayer of thanks! There is never a time you can’t pray! Prayer changes things and keeps us closely connected with God! ❤


God gives tasks to those whom He knows is or will be equipped for the task. How? He crafted you from birth and as time goes on, He’s watered you to grow into the wonderful child of God he wants you to be. It’s up to you to follow that path and seek the nourishment from Him by keeping up with the word and being close to Him.

In the story of Ezekiel my understanding of the purpose of God telling Ezekiel to eat the scroll was to get him to have the word inside of him. When you have the word inside can always reference it when you need to. Having the word lining your inner being creates opportunity to live out the word on a daily basis and spread the Good news! The bible contains so much more than people think. The daily advice and prayers and requests we seek can usually be found right inside the good book.

One reason why people doubt the bible or don’t reference is because they feel their “unique” situations don’t fit into the “generic” stories in the bible however…

“Ecclesiastes 1:9
New International Version (NIV) What has been will be again,what has been done will be done again;there is nothing new under the sun.”

This scripture is so relevant especially in today’s time…many times we think oh my gosh why me! You feel like all the things that go terrible only happened to you. And that your situation is unique and no one knows exactly how you feel. When in reality your life scenarios have played and replayed many times in different order with a different cast.

The beautiful thing about it is your able to have a say in your ending. Maybe you would’ve like to have a say in your struggle or hard times. But looking back it made you better seeing that you’re stronger now than you were before. You’re even more knowledgeable than you were before!

Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan and He makes good on all his promises. Faith and trust is a huge part of your relationship with God. If either one is missing things fall apart and you become unsure of a lot. However when it’s activated and on full throttle anything is possible!

God has a purpose for you and He shows you everyday what it is. It’s up to you to believe it claim it and be available to let Him use you in any way. Whether that means a struggle you have to go through in order to help someone else. Be humble always and know that God wont put you up to something that’s too much for you!

Inviting God in

Have you ever had friends, family or company come to stay or just visit your home? Probably i’m sure everyone has or they have been the company to someone. But when someone comes over you usually get things ready and prepare a nice place for them. You make sure they feel at home in your home. You aim to make them feel wanted by greeting them and showing them how happy you are to see them. You may even do things their way to make them feel at home. Usually people do extra cleaning just so everything is neat and acceptable looking. You do these things because you care for them and you want them to want to be with you and for them to come back. It shows the kind of person you are.

We all say we want God to be with us all the time to keep us safe and protect us from harm. God is always with us but would he be pleased with our actions and behavior? If He could physically be seen next to us in all we do throughout our day would he be pleased? Would you be ashamed to act the way you do? Would he feel invited to come stay in our hearts? Or maybe would he feel unwelcome? Would the conditions be acceptable for him? No one wants to be around filth. They like to be around comfy nice things.

So why do we allow ourselves to be messy yet we want God to be around us. We must make ourselves inviting to God. By not harboring the dirty things that He does not like. And its so important to be honest with yourself. Lying to yourself only hurts YOU. You know what is right and what is wrong. In the bible it tells you all the things that are and aren’t pleasing to God. So if you want Him to reside in your heart make it cozy and comfy for Him by decorating it in love, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, patience etc. If you heart is filled with bitterness, anger, hatred,lies, resentment, lust or anything not pure you need to start cleaning. Throw all that bad stuff away and make room for the good. Make God feel welcome to stay a long while. So that when you seek him to talk its easy for you to hear and see what it is He needs to tell you.

If God is in your heart you won’t have as much trouble trying to find Him and listen in times of trial. Revelation 3:20 talks about God knocking at the door to your heart. Seeking to come in and talk with you and give you peace. And if you open the door to Him He will provide all that you need There’s nothing scary about God. He wants to love you and give you all that you need. The things people are scared of; are living the life that is pleasing to him and losing out on materialistic things and people. Don’t be scared to lose friends by living for God no one should come in between your relationship with God and your salvation. If they do that is dangerous because God is a jealous God nothing goes in front or above him. So if that means leaving people behind who aren’t supporting your walk do it! God is a great friend, counselor, lawyer, doctor or whatever you need him to be! If your living for God you don’t have to worry about anything or being scared. He has not given us the spirit of fear.

As a young person doing the right thing could be scary because people aren’t as accepting to living for God. They want to have fun for the moment which means they might consume alcohol or other drugs and party and you wanting to read and pray would seem boring to them. You don’t have to be ashamed to take a stand and say you are living for God. Jesus shed his blood so that we would be forgiven. So your life you lived prior to being saved is washed away. You don’t have to be ashamed or bound by that life. Step into the life God has for you it may not be easy but when you get to Heaven you will be much better off than those who laughed at you and decided to live a sinful life.

To assure yourself and to reserve your spot in Heaven answer the door and invite God in. Keep your heart clean and filled with all the things that will keep God wanting to stay. Give him the key to your heart so that He doesn’t have to knock and be a stranger! I encourage you to continue praying and to be of good courage God is with you! ❤

God is Amazing

You finally get home and are reflecting on your day. If its one of those bad days you always think “thank the Lord i’m finally home and can relax.” You also think about all the things that occurred good and bad. Do you ever really stop and say “Thank you Lord” ? Thank you that I got home safe because someone somewhere didn’t make it? How about thank you Lord that I have a job because somewhere someone can’t find a job to even work for? What about “Thank you Lord that I have a home to go to there are people who are homeless! We often forget to thank God for the simple things. He makes all things work together for our good all day long. Its only by His grace and mercy that we are alive, well and healthy. We need to spend more time thanking Him for being the amazing God He is! Take some time to thank Him today for the small things He has provided to you. 🙂