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Many times we doubt God more than we think. Saying “I’m giving it to God” but yet still worrying. However we put ALL our trust in worldly situations! We order things off-line while doing shopping, we make plans to meet people, and we fully trust that the plans that person or business set out are going through! We sit back, get excited, and just can’t wait! It doesn’t even cross our minds that the person won’t come through or the business plan will fail. Working with imperfect people in an imperfect world warrants disappointment yet we hold them to such high standards.

Then when it comes to God and His promises, we know He is able yet we want visible proof of things and what is to come in our lives. In that very moment we may get excited but right after its immediate worry. How can God do what He needs to in your life if you wont allow Him to do what He needs to. You can’t give Him your problems, and then like a child check up on him. He is the GOD OF ALL THINGS. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for Him. He’s been doing GREAT things since the beginning of time.

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We live in a time where miracles are so flabbergasting however that’s because our faith is so weak. We know God is fully capable and able to do more than what we could ever ask for or think right!? Miracles shouldn’t surprise us as Christians.

Many will think that’s not me i don’t doubt God all the time. I mean its hard to believe something that isn’t tangible or visible.What if I told you that you won employee of the month and that gets you a brand new 50″ plasma TV! The tech is coming on Sunday and all you need to do is be available. Would you accept? Sure why not who doesn’t want a free TV.

So you need your brand new 50″ plasma screen TV and  HD DVR installed. You have a technician scheduled, and you’re anxiously waiting. You take a day off work to make yourself available so that you can let him in. He is scheduled to fix and install everything necessary to get your TV working. In your head you can already see it finished and you can imagine yourself hosting parties. You’re so excited you bragged to all your friends got them excited too. Made future plans. You’re so sure after he leaves you’re all set. Finally the tech is here, you almost run and open the door exposing your house and giving him control to do his job. You ask if there is anything he needs your help with. You sit back and sip lemonade as he cuts wires and drills holes in your wall. You see all the equipment and you have no idea how it will all work but you are trusting that he got the job because he is capable.

Now here’s another scenario. God has promised that this is your year! Your year of prosperity, success and advancement! Great news right? I mean its about time. You’ve been waiting its been such a struggle. He says let me in so i can prepare you…. He’s at your door. Knocking and patiently waiting to be let in. He’s sent all types of notices, emails, texts, and mail about how He wants to come in and enhance you. All of it sounds great its exactly what you need. You have this void that isn’t filled and you have been desperately searching on how and what to fill it with. God says “I will fill you up let me in”. You’re hesitant about letting him in. Something always comes up. Your work schedule leaves you limited time to do what you want concerning reading and praying. You’re not ready to open the door to let him in. You are unsure that the work He may do in you will be exactly what you need. You aren’t quite able to imagine how your life will be after he is finished with you. Maybe you aren’t ready to be changed?

Then finally you say i’m out of options, you open the door. You give God access. You expect immediate results, it begins to take longer than YOU planned. You begin to ask am I ever going to be prosperous? Where is my advancement i feel like I am at a standstill? I am no closer to success than i was before! You never ask or offer what can I do to help God? God STILL doesn’t cut you off. He waits patiently for you to come to him on your own. God doesn’t need us but he wants us. Unlike any other friend, family member or acquaintances you may encounter he sticks to you. He doesn’t leave despite the neglect we show.

Now in comparison to the technician who came to install your television who cares nothing about your eternal future. God cares and knows His plan for your life. So trusting that He will lead you in that direction is key. Allow Him install the things in you needed for your success and watch how you soar. Never forget God is working on His time and He is an on time God. It may take longer than you think but trust that it’s worth it.

Trust in the Lord today. 💕




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